Sunday, June 14, 2009


Sometimes is extremely overwhelming walking into a bookstore to look for a good book that's worth the time and provides enough motivation to actually finish it front to back. If you are in a season where you want to be fed and challenged, this book is amazing and is filled with more meat than you can chew on. Its pretty safe to say that all of us feed off of adventure and are in search of how to get to that place in life we're so extremely passionate about. Open the cover of this book and it will definitely knock you off your feet to get your re-end moving toward those God-ordained passions Hes trying to birth inside of you.

Wild Goose Chase
Isn't new worship music kind of exciting? Sometimes listening to same songs over and over again can become a little mundane. It shouldn't....especially worship music, but we can all be honest and admit that a couple new songs to throw in the midst of our playlist can add such a perk to our time in worship. Well, if youre in need of some new tunes, here two great artist with new material. If you have the opportunity, pay your $.99 on itunes or log into their myspace pages.

Kari Jobe

United Pursuit Band

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