Thursday, June 18, 2009

Loving the "Unlovable" Part 2

Do you look at things in life as a coincidence? As some things could and maybe a coincidence, know this, we don't serve a God who operates by coincidence. We serve a providential God who has a particular plan, purpose, and destiny for each of our lives. Hes a detailed God that doesn't just throw the complete, finalized picture of life in our face. Instead, He takes us on a journey, an adventure, teaching, molding, working, filtering, and giving us detail by detail of His plan so that we may be equipped and prepared for His end result. He does this in so many ways and it looks completely different from person to person, but one way we can all relate to is the people He uses to get us where we're going. We have those people in our lives who provide rich, valid encouragement and love that allow us to press on. Then, we have those people that we would really rather do life without. Well, whether you want to hear it or not, its THOSE people that really get us push us and help mold us into who God desires. Trials, test, and overcoming temptation sharpen our character. Therefore, those difficult people that you are tempted NOT to love play a vital part in God's purpose for you.

So instead of praying that God would remove these people out of your life so your days go a little smoother, start pray a little harder for the love, joy, patience, kindness, self-control, etc. The fruits of the Spirit have to be developed. And the way God allows us to develop these fruits is by exercising them in the times that seem the hardest. We often get the mindset that these trial/test better known as "unlovable people" get in our way, causing a road block in life. Really, if we'd grab a hold of the fact that loving them is what pushes us forward; our character will be sharpened to a point where God can FINALLY trust us with what He has instore.

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Rachael said...

God bless you girl.. God has much in store for you!!!