Sunday, June 14, 2009

Its About That Time

Some of us girls have the privilege of sharing in one of the most exciting seasons most girls will experience in their life time. This time next week, Kimbo will go from a Miss to a Mrs, a Smith to a Frank; and even more overwhelming than that......she'll be a tad bit closer to experiencing a deeper glimpse of Christ's love for His people. We are so thankful for Kimberly's life and not only would this ministry not be the same, but some of our individuals lives wouldn't be either. She has poured and poured into so many of us and the fruit we have today, we thank God for using her to bring so much of us to the surface.
This life is a beautiful testimony of Jesus at work through Kimberly's life. Kimberly met Rebeca, saw God's pursuit and favor on Beca's life, and decided to selflessly and sacrificially join in on the purpose God destined for her. She disciplined her, loved her unconditionally, and purely allowed Jesus to be seen through her. Beca along with so many other lives will never be the same because of her.

Kimbo, Jesus is so attracted in you. We pray that you and Heath will be more powerful as a team and more people will have the privilege of coming to know Jesus personally because of your passion and commitment to Him. We love you so much!

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Kimbo said...

Oh my goodness I am about to cry... Thank y'all so much. I love you all and God just blows my mind away to think about how he allowed me to be blessed with such amazing and wonderful Chrisitian sisters as y'all... Wow...