Saturday, June 27, 2009

Keepin' It Simple

Has it occurred to you that the older you get, the more complicated life seems to become? Dealing with everyday people, providing for a family, making it through school, dealing with tough decisions, our faith, etc. Life is tough. God never promised us an easy life. As a matter of fact, we are called as believers to share in His suffering, which is tough, and that He WILL discipline those He loves,which is not always fun. However, we are His children and we are to never loose sight that He is our Father. When you think of the life of a child, nothing but simplicity makes up their pleasant, carefree life. Children depend on their caregiver for life and direction. They never loose sight of their relationship in regards to their parents. They view/receive their mom as their mom and their dad as their dad. In Mark, Jesus tells us that unless we receive the Kingdom of God like a child, we will not enter it. How many times do we battle the voice of God? How often do we refuse to move because we fear of missing of God and making a wrong decision? Children know their Father's voice, however, we tend to complicate it more than we tend to listen and move.

Its as simple as this:
A friend of mine was putting her 7 year old daughter to bed. They had been reading books, singing songs, talking about their day, saying their prayers, etc. Just when my friend thought her little girl had dozed off, she rolled her little self over, and as confident as this 7yr could be, she informed her mom that her illness was gone. My friend had been sick with a curable, yet difficult chronic disease that she had been suffering from for almost a 2 years now. The little girl's mom was shocked and speechless to the unrelated comment from her daughter.
Mom: "Where did that come from?"
Daughter: "God just told me."
Mom: "How do you know God told you that?"
Daughter: "Well mom, when you hear God talking to you, it kinda sounds like your voice but its not you. That's how you know is God telling you things, and I just heard Him tell me that."

Its that simple!

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