Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Loving the "Unlovable"

Are there particular people in your life or people that you frequently come in contact with that are just down-right impossible to love? If you sat and thought for a couple minutes, it would be guaranteed to say that everyone has at least one person if not two, three, or four unlovable human beings that you have to deal with on a daily or weekly basis. No matter how hard you may try these people seem to make it impossible to love. If one of God's greatest commandments is to love one another, why does seem it so unattainable at times?

All throughout scripture, we are instructed to not just love our neighbor; but to love them as ourselves. Therefore, if we aren't satisfied with ourselves, it is going to be IMPOSSIBLE to be satisfied with others. So many times we point and shake those fingers at "them" when the impossible begins with us. Dissatisfaction robs us of our security in the position Gods call for us to operate in. When we're dissatisfied, we often want the people around us to be discontent as well. So maybe instead of praying for the "unloveable" to change or to become easier to love; we may need to start asking God to fill us with more of His love so that we grow to love ourselves.

We give love in the amount we receive love.

How much love are you receiving today?
How much love are you giving today?

*if we're suppose to love people like we love must start with you loving yourself*

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Amen!! Great post! Needed to hear it.